All of our X's really are in Texas!


Pulse Centers was proud to be a corporate sponsor at this years The Fittest Experience (TFX), the largest functional fitness competition in the south. TFX is a competition that celebrates the elements that make our community great. The competition is comprised of athletes between all levels of fitness; from the scaled athlete who wants to test themselves, to the seasoned pro that is looking to go head to head with the best from around the nation!

Athletes that compete in crossfit are a prime example of high performing athletes that push the limits of their bodies. Our PEMF technology has recently erupted into the athletic and performance market, helping thousands of athletes maximize performance, speed up recovery time, and reduce the risk of injury.

[Read our blog article about the "Benefits of Using PEMF for Sports Recovery."]

Electron Stealers, The Thieves Among Us!

Everyday Stressors 

Do you ever just feel tired from the day? You may have times where you experience jet lag coming off of a plane, wiped of energy after a car ride with the rooftop back, or completely stripped away of your energy, right after a hot shower? In this blog post, we will explore the everyday stressors that impact our body, depleting us of our energy levels and cellular regeneration. We will also address factors that we may incorporate in our daily routine to reintroduce the energy lost within our cells and our bodies.


“An electron is a stable subatomic particle with a charge of negative electricity, found in all atoms and acting as the primary carrier of electricity in solids.”

4 Myths around High-Intensity PEMF Debunked

Understanding Pain 

There is a lot of misinformation about the various High-Voltage or High-Intensity PEMF systems.  The main point being stated is that high-voltage PEMF systems are dangerous and can be harmful to the human body.  This statement is indeed nothing but a myth that I will dispel in this article.


Continue reading for 4 of the more common myths surrounding PEMF below.

The Pain Process

Understanding Pain 

Pain -- we know that it's intrusive, and we know that it’s uncomfortable, but how do we understand it? How does our body interpret it or distinguish it, whether it be chronic or acute? In this blog, we will uncover the process of how the brain receives pain signals, how pain is modified and systematized by the brain from different occurrences and emotion, and what we can do to address pain when it arises.

“Pain is a complex, biopsychosocial phenomenon that arises from the interaction of multiple neuroanatomic and neurochemical systems with a number of cognitive and affective processes.”

- Eric L. Garland

Are High Intensity PEMF Systems Dangerous?

Differences Between High & Low Intensity 

With the way that some low-intensity (voltage) PEMF manufacturers and advocates talk about high-intensity systems, you get the impression that these models have no value and may even be harmful. So, is it true? What evidence exists to support this claim? Before I answer these questions, let’s discuss the differences between low and high-intensity PEMF.

Does PEMF Mitigate the Effects of EMF Stressors?

Be Your Best Self

Stress happens in life. Managing internal, external and environmental stressors requires awareness and an understanding. Under chronic stress conditions from life’s demands and the ubiquitous EMFs created by manmade technologies, we can find ourselves depleted, our energy reserves drained. We require energy to thrive as our best selves, which means reducing the amount of damaging and draining stress we sustain. The demands of a high-performance lifestyle can benefit from high-performance Cellular Exercise with PEMF.  

The Breath and PEMF (Part 1)

The Importance of Breath

We know it is important to breathe. According to the EPA, the average adult takes approximately 20,000 breaths a day. On a fundamental level we understand that the first inhale we take outside of the womb heralds our triumphant arrival to humanity. We know, but think less often, of how our last exhale ushers us out of the land of the living. Breath bookends life. We spend lots of time and effort and energy breathing! We assume everyone knows how to breathe. But, chances are no one sat you down when you were small and explained how the breath works (if they did, please email me!). Although the breath is absolutely crucial to our wellness, most of us are walking around completely unaware of our breathing…and suffering because of it.

Yoga & PEMF: Get Those Good Vibes

Good Vibes 

When we talk about energy in the yoga practice, most people are probably thinking in vague, esoteric terms, “woowoo,  lavender, and moonbeams” as my teacher jokingly opines. You’ve probably seen t-shirts that say, “Good Vibes” and heard yogis talk about being responsible for the energy one brings into a space. Although some yogis may only be repeating the current cliché floating around in yoga culture… what if there was actually something bigger to this discussion of energy?

What if on a practical level we really understood that the energy in our bodies is a real thing: voltage? And that very real, very measurable thing, is also a significant indicator of health.

Positions for Three Common Issues


PEMF Expert & Product Specialist, Chris Sembera, shares his insight on three common areas of issue and how we can target them with our accessories. Although there are numerous positions that prove to be effective, Chris presents his favorite below. Check out these three positions for common issues related to the Lower Back (lumbar and sacrum), Neck/Shoulder, and Pelvic Floor. 


Already an Owner? Listen to the Full Webinar Here.

Not an Owner? Continue reading to learn three of the most common positions as well as questions from the webinar. Learn more about PEMF Here.

What’s the “F” in PEMF?


It’s not unusual for people to ask: “Is it Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, or, Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency?” The confusion is perpetuated because depending on who you’re listening to, the terms seem to be used interchangeably. Anyone doing an internet search will find information searching either term, but do they mean the same thing?

Benefits of Using PEMF for Sports Recovery


Every sport includes some risk of getting injured. The most common cause of injuries \ stem from overuse and poor training methods. The reality is, athletes still train and compete with injuries, big or small. Being sidelined can be frustrating for any athlete; and is why trainers and coaches put so much emphasis on injury prevention. Along with the fundamentals of rest, stretching, and diet, the addition of PEMF to an athletic regimen can take your performance to the next level. Continue reading to see how PEMF can benefit athletes in both recovery and injury prevention.

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What Does PEMF Optimize?

Looking for more information on how PEMF can optimize your body from head to toe? Be sure to download our latest infographic.

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