All of our X's really are in Texas!


Pulse Centers was proud to be a corporate sponsor at this years The Fittest Experience (TFX), the largest functional fitness competition in the south. TFX is a competition that celebrates the elements that make our community great. The competition is comprised of athletes between all levels of fitness; from the scaled athlete who wants to test themselves, to the seasoned pro that is looking to go head to head with the best from around the nation!

Athletes that compete in crossfit are a prime example of high performing athletes that push the limits of their bodies. Our PEMF technology has recently erupted into the athletic and performance market, helping thousands of athletes maximize performance, speed up recovery time, and reduce the risk of injury.

[Read our blog article about the "Benefits of Using PEMF for Sports Recovery."]

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A Historic Year for Pulse Centers


Looking Back on 2018...

In the final quarter of a record year of growth, Pulse Centers is continuing to bring attention to the power of Cellular Exercise to target audiences at the intersection of wellness and performance.  As we look back on 2018, we see the wave of enthusiasm in the health and wellness industry continuing to fuel the interest in energy based solutions with no break in sight. 

In just the past year, we have had a presence at conferences around the country that are promoting wellness in the chiropractic, sports, and biohacking communities. Pulse Centers attended: The Fittest Experience, Parker Seminars, TCA, Paleo f(x), The National by FCA, ACA Chiropractic Sports Council, ParkerFit, Spark Biohack Summit, and Whole Planet Foundation. All of the conferences tailored to different audiences with the same goal in mind: optimizing wellness, performance, and getting people healthy faster!




A First for Pulse Centers!


Addressing attendees from the main stage at the inaugural, Spark Biohack Summit in Toronto, newly appointed CEO, Greg Johnson brought Pulse Centers front and center to a high-powered group including: core leaders, speakers, and connectors across a range of fields with an eye on optimizing human performance, recovery, and longevity.



Get Ready for 2019

Greg has a vision of establishing Pulse Centers as  the most recognized and respected provider of general wellness technology in the world. In just his first 90 days, he identified increasing awareness of the power of PEMF as a movement and Pulse Centers is positioned  to take the lead in innovation, professionalism, support and business development.


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All of our X's really are in Texas!

  Pulse Centers was proud to be a corporate sponsor at this years The Fittest Experience (TFX), the largest functional fitness competition in the sout...

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